Bone Graft Substitute

Bone graft substitute is a treatment for bone defect. It will be replaced with new-grown natural bone gradually along the healing process.
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CeraOss Bioactive Synthetic Putty


      CeraOss Bioactive Synthetic Putty is an easy-to-useand moldable biomaterial for bone regeneration. Themain compositions of CeraOss include beta-tricalciumphosphate (β-TCP) and bioactive glass 45S5 whichcould provide osteoconduction and osteoinduction.CeraOss can enhance new bone formation and begradually absorbed then be replaced with boneduring the healing process.



      Bioactive glass 45S5 consists of elements naturallyexisting in the body (Si, Na, P, Ca). The release of ionsand the formation of hydroxyapatite, supports theregeneration of bone tissue and can accelerate thehealing process.



      In a preclinical rabbit tibia defect model, it wasshown that with CeraOss putty, new bone wasformed and the grafted area was highlyvascularized. There was no fibrous tissue occurred.CeraOss has good biocompatibility and enhancesbone regeneration.



Excellent bone formation

Moldable and easy-to-use

Resists compression


Conforms to graft sites

Ideal degradation stage by stage

Will not wash-out